Today I got the opportunity to work on an amazing underwater shoot. There were three models (Zoe Page, Kerry Allingham and Sam Dunning) and the photographer was the very talented Daniel Taylor. I had the daunting task of providing makeup that would hold up underwater and withstand consistent jumping in the water.

I had never done anything like this before, and I wanted to do prepared so I did research products first and also experimented on myself in the bath(!) using different products on either side of my face whilst splashing around like a demented dolphin and asking my daughter to take photos throughout to see which products were holding up the best!

I mainly relied on products I already had, as I did not want to spend a lot of money on new products. The stand out winners for me were:

- Kryolan Ultra Foundation (to my knowledge this doesn't even claim to be waterproof but they are missing a trick there!)

- Kiko shimmer cream eyeshadow (amazing staying power!)

- Maybelline 24h lipstick

- Inglot AMC eyeliner

- Maybelline Lash sensational waterproof mascara

- Revlon waterproof mascara

- Stargazer glitter gel

And the most versatile product that I used by a mile was the Makeup Forever Flash Palette - I used this for blusher, eyeshadow and contour and its staying power was incredible!

Even though I had practiced beforehand, it was still a massive relief when the models got out and the makeup had stayed where it was supposed to! It was a really fun shoot and I would love to do it again!

It was amazing to be a small part of something like this. I was in awe of the models - to be able to pose underwater - particularly as part of a duo when you can't even see the other person when your eyes are stinging with chlorine! And the photographer got such amazing shots - which is especially difficult when you are not able to give any direction.

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