The setting for today's shoot was Leake St. tunnel at Waterloo. Whilst on the outside it may look a little dingy and uninviting, the walls inside are a treasure trove of hidden talent. The thing that I love most about the artwork in the tunnel is that it is transient - every time you visit you will notice something different. And the fact that the artists there spend so much time creating something, knowing that somebody else could come along an hour later and paint right over it fascinates me.

The art on the roof of the tunnel is some of the most awe inspiring, even if only to wonder how they got up there to paint it! I have wanted to do a photo shoot there for a long time, so I was really pleased when I finally got the opportunity. I worked with photographer Victor Guidini https://www.victorguidini.com/ and Bellita Penkeyman (@bellitapenk) to create this amazing set of photographs. I did three hair and makeup looks for the shoot. The first was a mohawk braid with a natural clean base and pastel lilac shimmer on the eyes. For the second look I wanted to start to try to emulate the contrasting graffiti colours in the makeup, so I went for blue tones on the eyes and red on the lips with a black V shape in the centre of the bottom lip. I paired this with dutch braids to the nape of the neck. For the third look I did a half up, half down look with 90s space buns with glitter down the parting. I went for blues, pinks and neon yellow on the eye blending them together into a sharp shape coming just past the brow. I then added glitter below the eyes and a row of tiny purple stars above one eyebrow and by the left eye. I then applied a mauve lipstick with a dab of shimmer and neon yellow in the centre of the bottom lip.

Bellita and Victor were great to work with and I am so pleased with the final images.

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