So this shoot was definitely one of my favourites to date! We had a great team - James Pratt (Photostorm) was the photographer, Irina was the beautiful model, along with her gorgeous daughter, and Helena K designed some of the headdresses for the shoot alongside myself.

Irina put the shoot together as she wanted to do a fairytale themed shoot with some stunning dresses that she had with an evil queen look and also a soft and romantic look. I had the daunting task of designing the hair and makeup looks and also a headdress for the evil queen.

I decided to base my headdress on Maleficent, as I have recently seen the film and fell in love with the character. I made the base out of buckram - layering two pieces on top of one another for added stability and then I lined the inside with felt. I covered the buckram with black sequin material and then began making the horns. I used MultiMorph pellets from Amazon. I discovered this stuff about 6 months ago and it is amazing. It comes in the form of pellets which you then put into hot water and the pellets become transparent and clump together which means its then ready to use. You fish it out of the water and then you can mold it to any shape you want and it will dry white and harden. Best of all it is very lightweight. You do have to work quite quickly as the plastic does start to dry quickly, which can be a bit of a challenge, but what is great about it is you can put it back into hot water and it will soften again, which is a huge relief if you make any mistakes! After I made the two horns I decided to attempt to make a bird skull to go between them so that the beak would mimic the shape of the peaked font. After they were dry, I spray painted them black and let them dry between coats. To attach them to the headdress I used a hot glue gun. I wanted the bird skull to stand out more and slant downwards, so I used a black fabric rose to prop it up. I had a floral headdress that I had made previously that I thought would be ideal for the more romantic look.

For the hair and makeup I wanted to create a more editorial feel as I had done an evil queen body paint earlier on in the year and it was more theatrical so I wanted to differentiate between the two as much as possible.

I curled the hair into loose curls and applied a clean base with pink eyeshadow and blush and nude lips with plenty of highlighter.


Garnier micellar water

Garnier moisturiser for dry skin

Good Things argan oil


L'oreal True Match Foundation

Mac concealer palette

Ben Nye loose powder

Revolution Highlighter


Morphe eyeshadow palette

L'oreal million lashes


Dr. Pawpaw ointment

I knew as soon as we met at the beginning of the shoot that it was going to be a fun shoot. It was the first time I had met the team but Irina and James had worked together before and James had also worked with Helena. We had a quick discussion at the beginning to discuss which headdresses should be worn with which dress and where to shoot each set. Everyone had put in so much effort so we all had a lot invested in it. James had come teamed with lots of jewellery and accessories, Irina had brought a stunning array of dresses for her and her daughter, and Helena had created 4 stunning head pieces. We started the day with the soft and romantic look which we shot with 3 different dresses - a blue, green and silver dress. For the green and silver dress I also added some red lipstick to give a different look.

For the second look we made use of Irina's amazing dramatic black lace dresses and I paired it with a graphic black and gold eye with nude lips (and dark berry lips later on in the set) and a strong contour. For the hair I gelled the front down into a side parting and backcombed the curls into a modern 30's style around the nape of the neck.

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